"We were dancing everywhere. We’d be on breaks between filming, we were doing them. I remember there was a trip out to go see a band and we all went back to Emma’s house in London for a bit and we waltzed in her kitchen, just doing the dancing. Just practicing." - Matt Lewis

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Anonymous said: what do you think about israeli women, are there steriotypes as well concerning these women?

There are stereotypes all around concerning everyone. I dont really know of any for Israeli women since Im not Israeli, but Im sure there are stereotypes about them. The important thing to remember is that stereotypes are stupid and mean nothing

Anonymous said: How old are you and where are you from?

I am 20 and born in the US

Anonymous said: what would you do if you had a thing for a guy but you can sense that you both like eachother but not going to admit it kinda thing..? (hes just too mysterious to figure him out) , x

Relationships in Islam are tricky. I was always brought up that I should not act on my feelings and wait until some random guy proposes then get married. I personally do not like that and actively search for love while still being aware of my religion of course. In this situation, I would wait and not do anything and see where it goes. If you are both younger than college age, then wait. Almost all relationships before college are pointless and wont benefit you. If youre older or if this is someone who youve liked for years (like 2 or more) and he has liked you for that same amount of time, then pursue a friendship with him. If hes too mysterious to figure out im guessing youre both young and therefore I would wait because its probably just a crush. Hope that helps!

Anonymous said: okay so I'm a fellow muslim, and I've just recently started wearing hijab and a skirt or an abaya. I want to stay fashionable, but i also want to embrace my deen. Do you have any suggestions on how to shake things up and be a stylish girl who is also a happy, dress wearing muslimah? Thanks so much!P.S I ♥ YOUR BLOG SO DAMN MUCH lol

Hi and welcome to the hijabi club, lol! Skirts are perfect because you can always look fashionable in them. I would recommend maxi skirts! Pair a maxi skirt with a plain white long sleeve shirt and tuck the shirt in if it doesnt look weird (sometimes it doesnt look good depending on the skirt). Pick a hijab that matches your skirt, then put on some nice necklaces and bracelets for accessories. Ill do a post soon demonstrating this. Hope that helps! :D

Anonymous said: Hey I was just wondering how many times a day you pray, because I'm fourteen and thinking about starting to pray but the hours don't always match my schedule. What do you do ?

I do my best to pray all the prayers everyday. If you are in class, try leaving and going to the administrations office and telling them you need an area to pray, that usually works for me. If theres really no way to pray, then I make it up by praying those prayers later

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Anonymous said: Not really a question, just wanted to say you're beautiful and that your fashion sense is amazing!

eeeee thank you!!! :)

Anonymous said: I am a muslim, and am planning to wear the hijab next year. I have muslim friends at school but none of them want to wear it just yet. There are many people who stereiotype and bully at my school, I am still young and am wondering if i should wait. Advice?

If youre too young for the hijab, I would wait a little more (like if youre in elementary school, then prepare yourself a little more). If youre at the right age, then surround yourself with people that will support you, and stand up proudly for yourself. Tell those bullies that discrimination is something only the worst people do, and if they try to bully you dont let them bring you down! Report them to a school official, and no matter what stay confident!! I can not emphasize that enough, staying confident is key to being happy, and people will start respecting you for it! Good luck :)

Anonymous said: MASHALLAH! Do you do the photography yourself???? It has inspired me! Can u, or the person give me tips?

Unfortunately not all of these pictures are mine. A good tip for pairing outfits together is finding compatible colors, but add something to make it pop and not be so bland. Also look at what the weather is like, and plan an outfit to go with it

Anonymous said: Hi, I'm doing an RE Project and I need to know what life is like for a teenage muslim, if you could give me some info, I would be very Grateful,

Im not sure what kind of info you are looking for, but its really the same as any other person. We go through daily struggles of looks and school, but we have some additional things where we’re consciously aware of trying to be good and better society. Also, dealing with the heat is a little more challenging for muslim girls because of all the layers, lol.

eelixxirr said: I think you're like the only muslim teen I've seen on tumblr who is like normal and chilled out and I think thats pretty cool cause I'm muslim too and I don't really find a lot of people who is around my age and ADDICTED TO HARRY POTTER!!!! Lol, but yeah I love your blog. It's pretty snazzy.

Thanks! you seem pretty snazzy too

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Anonymous said: if that icon is you-- i must say, you are beautiful MashAllah!


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Sharia Law

So a lot of people hear things about Sharia Law from extremists who are stupid (yes, those extremists are pretty much retarded to be honest) but really, the Sharia Law isn’t that bad, and the reason behind each law is pretty logical. There are three main things people think of when they think of Sharia Law: 1) Cutting off peoples hands when they steal, 2) Killing whoever gets in your way, and 3) A man has the right to beat his wife

2 and 3 are COMPLETELY FALSE, and 1 is true, but only in certain circumstances

1) In Sharia Law, if someone steals because they are poor or need the money, then nothing happens to them except for jail. The only time you get your hand cut off is if someone does it on purpose with full intent because they were bored or just wanted to steal. The punishment for someone who steals with no real reason is to get their hand cut off, and this may seem harsh, but it is one of the only ways to get people to realized you can’t always do what you want. So basically, you get your hand cut off if you are a spoiled greedy git. Some see this as a bit extreme, but hopefully people will learn and not do it, and thus we have bettered society. 

2) Now for the belief that Muslims can kill whoever gets in their way…. NO! HELL NO! Just NOOOOO! This is not true, never was true, and never will be. If someone says this, they know nothing about Islam or Sharia Law, and ignore them, because this is NOT TRUE!

3) A man can beat his wife…. NOOOOOO! A man cant even beat his children! This also isn’t true, guys cant hit women, and if they do, they just screwed themselves over! So this is a lie too!

These are just the main ones that came to mind, and most of the extreme things people hear about Sharia Law are spread by extreme Irani’s and crazy people who actually dont follow Islam. 

If anyone has any questions about Sharia Law, please ask!! :)

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